NJ Summer Biathlon

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2013 Race Application

updated 8/1/2013

Summer biathlon, the combination of running and rifle marksmanship is a spin-off of the winter Olympic version of cross-country skiing and shooting. In the past, virtually all summer biathletes were winter crossovers looking for a way to stay in shape during the off-season. This is no longer true. People of all sizes and ages, who are not interested in just skiing, are showing up at the summer events. Come and join us for lots of outdoor fun!

Experience the thrill and challenge of Trail Running and Shooting at the NJ Summer Biathlon Summer Series!

2013 date: held at ANJRPC's Cherry Ridge Range, located in the Highland Lakes section of Vernon Township
Sunday, August 25, 5K

  • Beginners Encouraged & Welcomed
  • All Equipment Provided
  • Awards & Refreshments